AT&T DEDICATED INTERNET - As a part of this campaign, each business is allocated with its dedicated fiber to be used exclusively. By doing so it not ensures a high throughput but also provides efficient speed irrespective of the consumers on the network. Since AT&T is utilizing the symmetrical bandwidth mechanism the loading streaming data transference and downloading can now be done seamlessly even for most challenging applications. Now backed with rigorous Service Agreements, AT&T is considered as essential to cater to all your business needs. The state-of-the-art services empower HD conferencing and VoIP to handle elaborate business resource need. A wide variety of security solutions are administered by AT&T to yield the highest level of data protection from an unauthorized source and aims for proactive defense against malicious cyber-attacks.

AT&T Dedicated Internet Terms: A router (leased by AT&T), internet port, and local ethernet are sold as a part of AT&T dedicated internet offer. Though the installation and activation are done through remote assistance over the phone and it may also be done on-site and all the required equipment is installed and activated on-site by a technician but on-site installation is possible only in a few pre-selected sites. As per policy, a one-time charge of $99.00 will be imposed for both on-site and remote installation. Voice and its payment details are accessible amongst particular vicinities. Charges may be applicable under corresponding conditions.

AT&T Internet for Business Promotion $100 AT&T Visa® Reward Card* Offer is available through 3/31/2021. Offer available to new AT&T Internet for Business and AT&T Business Fiber customers who are purchasing new internet speeds from 768k to 1Gbps. However, this offer is off-limits for local, state, or federal government authorities, E-rate entitled entities, or Rural Health Care (RHC) units. All offers, terms, and restrictions are tentative hence, without any prior declaration they can be amended or ceased anytime. To utilize the services it's compulsory to have Modem and Gateway Equipment, for which a separate charge of $99 may apply. Location and service limitations are applicable to AT&T Internet Services. For more information visit our terms and service www.att.com/internet-terms
To check your eligibility visit https://www.att.com/smallbusiness/explore/internet.html claims related to speed show the maximum downstream and upstream competences. However, the speed may vary and is not supported by any guarantee. Speed is not guaranteed as it is dependent on many factors such as site traffic, content provider server capacity, internal network management factors, device capabilities, and use of other services. It’s the right of AT&T to modify the prices or to terminate its services without any prior notification. The limitation is hence applicable to Term commitments, early termination fees, credit restrictions, and other terms, conditions. Geographic limitations may apply. At a minimum, the customer must have uninterrupted active services for 60 days at the time of redemption for the AT&T Visa® Reward Card..

*Reward Card: *Reward Card: After the purchase and installation of the broadband services, customers will receive a letter via email proclaiming the eligibility and the fulfillment criteria for the Reward Card within 3-4 business weeks. The letter shall only be issued in the name and at the address of the person who authorized the purchase, not the company. At the time customers go online to redeem the Reward Card, they must be using the services. The Reward Card will expire after 6 months of the issue date. For all the concerns related to the Cardholder Agreement, rewardcenter.att.com. AT&T Reward Cards issued by The Bancorp Bank is under the license from Visa U.S.A, Inc. Hence it can be used everywhere the Visa Debit Card is accepted in the United States, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. However, it is not available for cash withdrawal. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Visa U.S.A. Inc. is not affiliated with AT&T or this offer. For any issue with the mail such as delay, lost, mutilation, misdirected mail, or postage-due mail AT&T shall not be held responsible. It shall be considered null and void where it is prohibited, restricted, or taxed. Customers can not combine the Reward Card with any other service, offer, or promotion. Changes can be applied to Offer, terms, and restrictions.

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Why is my AT&T Internet so slow?

Apps, device issues, VPN or Wi-Fi instability, router problems, or not really having a fast-enough plan could be causing your slow internet connection. If none of them, the trigger could be the end of your internet provider.

What can you get with AT&T Internet service?

• Stream, surf, play, and download with more than 99 percent reliability*.
• For your Wi-Fi® network and wired devices, the AT&T Smart Home Manager app.
• Driven by McAfee© AT&T Internet Security Suite. **
• To remain linked to 30,000+ hotspots worldwide, Wi-Fi Hotspots.
• *DSL omitted. Dependent on the availability of networks.
• ** McAfee© powered AT&T Internet Protection Suite® included with internet plans (5Mbps-1000Mbps) at no charge. Accessible with lower speed tiers for $5/mo.

What is the difference between AT&T Internet for Business / AT&T Business Fiber (ABF) and AT&T Dedicated Internet (eaMIS)?

AT&T Dedicated Internet (eaMIS) doesn’t share bandwidth, has customer level SLAs (service level agreements), higher speed options, is priced higher than AT&T Business Fiber (ABF), and isn’t limited to just AT&T Fiber ready buildings. AT&T Dedicated Internet (eaMIS) is more appropriate for Enterprise customers desiring a high-end, robust Internet solution requiring mission-critical SLAs. AT&T Business Fiber (ABF) is an Internet service that shares bandwidth with other customers (once service reaches Ethernet Multiplexer/EMT located at or near the customer premise) with “best-effort” speeds.

How to get free internet on AT&T Phone?

The offer expired in Nov 2019.

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