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Starting From (Per License)

$2.92 / mo.

McAfee® Endpoint Protection from AT&T.

Real-time threat protection that provides comprehensive threat intelligence. Helps protect desktops, laptops, and servers from viruses, spyware, and malware with McAfee Endpoint Protection from AT&T.

$2.92 /mo.


$2.92 /mo.


Benefits and

Our security solutions can help businesses minimize potentially devastating
data breaches and help prevent business interruptions.

Guards against hackers and cyberattacks; uses the same technology used by large enterprise corporations.

Set-and-Forget Security Software

Customer management when you want it - invisible when you don't

Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware & Desktop Firewall

Anti-virus and anti-spyware help protect desktop, laptop, and servers from cyber-attacks through emails, all sorts of portable devices like hard drives, USB sticks, and websites.

It also block any suspicious website.

SiteAdvisor Safe Searching & Shopping

Safety rating results from employee searches can be returned automatically

Website Blocking

Manage and control all downloadable files and web access options

McAfee SecurityCenter Website

Cloud based security settings can be managed from the website portal

What is McAfee Software as a Service Endpoint Protection from AT&T?

With McAfee from AT&T, you don’t have to be tied down to expensive servers and IT support to get the same great protection- and at a lower price. McAfee from AT&T uses the same underlying technology used by big business including:
• Virus & Hacker Protection
• Simple & Virtual Management
• Safe Searching & Shopping
• Website Blocking
• Email Protection (does not include Email SPAM Protection)
The best part? Your devices are protected on or off your network. Your employees can work remotely from anywhere, and you can manage all their activity from any internet connection. Also, you don’t have to be tied down to expensive servers and IT support and still get the same great protection at a lower price.

What is Backup and Go Premium? Why should I upgrade to a Premium account?

Try out our premium subscription if you are concerned about improving your work performance and take advantage of the wide range of collaborative features it offers, especially if you work in teams. How much is McAfee from AT&T?
McAfee from AT&T can be purchased as a standalone service or in a bundle.
McAfee Endpoint Protection starts from $2.92 per license. For bundle price which includes Tech 360 Back up and Go starts from $9.00 per license.

How secure is my data with Backup and Go?

What are the benefits of McAfee?
McAfee Endpoint Protection is easy to use, with a cloud-based solution, with one management console. It is 100% managed by McAfee experts which give you peace of mind. It is always up-to-date cloud protection across your entire network. It also includes 24/7 technical support to get help with activation, general technical support, and billing questions.

What does continuous backup mean?

Customers will need to activate licenses to start using the service.Customers will receive 3 emails - 1 will be from McAfee; they need to click the link in the email to activate the service just ordered. Customer has 7 days to activate it. If after 7 days or for general help, customer can call support at 866.531.4891, available 24/7.

How do I change my backup settings?

To select backup files, or to change backup settings: Double-click your system tray (PC) or menu bar (Mac) for the Backup and Go icon. The program opens to Back up and Go. Do any of the following features:
• Click Settings to open Files. By default, the Backups tab is open. This tab shows the folders you've already chosen for backup and its status.
• Click Manage Backups at the bottom to add more files. The window for the Backup Configuration dialog box opens.
• Select or deselect any of the files or folder to see its information by checking the corresponding checkbox. When selecting a folder, it lists its file size in parenthesis. You may choose to include these types of files in the column to the right, or only those types.
• Click Finish to complete the settings.

How does Backup and Go versioning work?

Backup and Go retains changes as they occur in your files as long as the program is online and connected to the Backup and Go service. A new version of the file is saved in every change made.
Backup and Go saves regular backups over the past 24 hours, frequent backups over the past whole week, and 30 days of weekly backups. Backup and Go Premium saves 6 months on monthly backups. Deleted files and folders can be found in the history of the earlier version.