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What is Backup and Go?

It aims to offer trouble-free web-based data storage for each computer or smartphone, with unlimited storage. Main attributes include:
• Seamless, uninterrupted and limitless backup of data online from your Computer or Mac ®.
• Remote access to backed-up data from most laptops, tablets, or smartphones available for the Cloud.
• Collaborate and share a document with pre-approved team members.
• Live, 24/7, remote U.S. tech services.
• Mac and PC archives are strongly protected and go well beyond regular storage.
• Ability to search and display documents on most computers linked to the Internet.
• Responsive screen optimization layout looks good on almost any device.
• Edit and comments on documents online, share via a web link to approve collaborators.
• Keep older versions of files for up to 30 days

What is Backup and Go Premium? Why should I upgrade to a Premium account?

Try out our premium subscription if you are concerned about improving your work performance and take advantage of the wide range of collaborative features it offers, especially if you work in teams. Backup and Go Premium contains all Back and Go Subscription features, plus:
• For Collaboration, you'll be able to create online project workspaces and project teams.
• Create guest profiles that can navigate authorized project workspaces.
• Secure file sharing between team members.
• Send files directly via email to each recipient from online storage.
• Print and fax stored files from any device (requires e-fax membership).
• With version control, it will keep an earlier version of files for up to 6 months.
Every member of the team has to have a separate subscription, or for an extra charge, you can buy guest privileges. Members of the team are a part of the same account or organization. (Users that are not on the same account or organizations won't be part of the team.)

How secure is my data with Backup and Go?

The Backup and Go includes the following security standards:
• Advanced encryption. Data transference using AES 256-bit SSL security ensures your data is secure as it is being transmitted between your device and cloud storage-more than the 128-bit encryption is being used for internet banking. After your data is in one of our web servers, it is re-encoded using 256-bit AES that has been customized by rotating keys for the best possible security.
• Physical security. All Backup and Go servers are monitored for management and security in highly secured and guarded data centers which are compliant with SSAE 16 type II. Plans and regulations are in place to adequately cover all areas of compliance and are checked, tested, and revised periodically. Inside each data center, the data is replicated on several RAID 6 storage units to protect against media failure and then replicated in full over protected fiber links in a secondary geo-redundant data center to protect against natural disasters and other incidents that make the primary data center inaccessible.
• Server Security. Backup and Go servers are monitored continuously and inspected for any sort of data theft by using industry-standard systems and control mechanisms to avoid unauthorized entry.
• Firewalls. Backup and Go connections only use highly secure communications ports that Internet browsers support and are intended to function best with almost any firewall configured on the system.
• Password Protection. Both Backup and Go Server accesses are protected by a password. The device links to the Backup and Go program after you have installed the Backup and Go software on your Mac ® or PC. After the initial verification process, it uses cryptographic session keys and doesn't keep the credentials locally. Every direct communication amongst smartphones and the Backup and Go service is equally password-protected and is completely encrypted on both ends.
• User Control. You have complete control of your files as a user of Backup and Go. You can pick the files that you want to back up and sharing, you monitor who gets access to which files and for how long. Receivers can only see the files and data you share, and nothing else.
• Virus Scanning: All emails, including attachments, that pass via the Backup and Go data centers are scanned for viruses on a real-time basis. If a virus is found, it instantly stops the activity and the incoming data streams are temporarily halted.
• Spyware protection: The Backup and Go software only responds to the Backup and Go system, which protects against malicious malware in the Backup and Go system which might send the data to the unauthorized receiver.
• SSL. Secure Sockets Layer is the standard approach approved for encoding Cloud network data. By default, all interaction between the Backup and Go service and your computer happens with SSL.
• VeriSign ® encrypted accreditation: VeriSign is secured to the Backup and Go site so communication only goes to the Backup and Go services and is not rerouted anywhere else. Click the VeriSign logo on the Backup and Go Homepage to display the certificate information.

What does continuous backup mean?

When you determine which files and folders you would like to back up, these files are constantly monitored by Backup and Go for changes, and effortlessly backed up when updated.

How do I change my backup settings?

To select backup files, or to change backup settings: Double-click your system tray (PC) or menu bar (Mac) for the Backup and Go icon. The program opens to Back up and Go. Do any of the following features:
• Click Settings to open Files. By default, the Backups tab is open. This tab shows the folders you've already chosen for backup and its status.
• Click Manage Backups at the bottom to add more files. The window for the Backup Configuration dialog box opens.
• Select or deselect any of the files or folder to see its information by checking the corresponding checkbox. When selecting a folder, it lists its file size in parenthesis. You may choose to include these types of files in the column to the right, or only those types.
• Click Finish to complete the settings.

How does Backup and Go versioning work?

Backup and Go retains changes as they occur in your files as long as the program is online and connected to the Backup and Go service. A new version of the file is saved in every change made.
Backup and Go saves regular backups over the past 24 hours, frequent backups over the past whole week, and 30 days of weekly backups. Backup and Go Premium saves 6 months on monthly backups. Deleted files and folders can be found in the history of the earlier version.

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